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Multi-Function Headlamp - Flat Dark Earth

This 3 AAA multi-function flat dark earth headlamp with camo strap features a multi-position tilt head design and includes an elastic head strap with a non-slip lining. The top-mounted dual switches provide a high/low-brightness spotlight for distance illumination and white/red/green floodlight operation for illuminating objects that are close by. Power comes from three AAA batteries (included).


  • LED technology
  • High/low spotlight
  • White/Red/Green floodlight
  • Programmable battery-safe mode
  • Focused spotlight beam for distance illumination
  • Unfocused wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination
  • Colored floodlight for night vision preservation
  • Engineered polymer housing
  • Dual switches located on top of light
  • Adjustable ratchet tilt head
  • Non-slip elastic head strap
  • Waterproof
  • Impact & chemical resistant
  • 3 AAA batteries (included)