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Heavy-Duty Rubber Head Strap

This is the replacement/accessory strap for most of the Nightstick headlamps. The Heavy-Duty Rubber Strap is designed to be on helmets or hard hats. This strap will work with the following Nightstick Headlamps: NSP-4602B, NSP-4603B, NSP-4604B, NSP-4605B, NSP-4606B, NSP-4608B, NSP-4610B, NSP-4614B, NSP-4616B, XPP-5450G, XPP-5452G, and XPP-5454G.


  • Fits NSP-4602B 4603B, 4604B, 4605B, 4606B, 4608B, 4610B, 4614B, 4616B and XPP-5450G, 5452G & 5454G Headlamps
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber