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CR123 Battery Carrier - TAC-400/500/600 Series

The 500-CARRIER makes it possible to replace the TAC-410XL / TAC-460XL / TAC-510XL / TAC-540XL / TAC-560XL / TAC-660XL rechargeable battery, with 2 non-rechargeable CR123 batteries. If the rechargeable battery on the TAC-400/500/600 Series lights were to run down, the user could insert a pair of CR123 Lithium Metal batteries into the carrier and then use it in place of the rechargeable battery. Requires 2 CR123 Batteries which are not included. (Not compatible with CR123-style rechargeable batteries.)


  • Fits the TAC-400/500/600 series LED flashlights
  • Back-up lithium CR123 battery pack (batteries not included)
  • Adapts TAC-400/500/600 series to CR123 battery power
  • Backup power when the rechargeable battery pack is spent