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Multi-Angle Magnetic Base for XPP-5570 & XPR-5572 Series Lights

The 5572-BASE Multi-Angle Magnetic Base is for use with any of the XPP-5570 or XPR-5572 Angle Lights. The Multi-Angle Magnetic Base adds an additional level of functionality to the 5570 or 5572. The lights simply slide into the magnetic base and lock in place. The powerful Rare-earth Magnet with its rubber protective covering will attach to virtually any ferrous metal surface. The single-point locking leaver can then be used in conjunction with the gimbal head to place the light coming from the Angle Light exactly where it’s needed.


  • Works with any of the XPP-5570 or XPR-5572 Angle Lights
  • Powerful Rare-earth magnet with a pull force rating of 10 lbs.
  • Magnetic has a protective rubber cover
  • Single point locking leaver
  • Multi-angle gimbal head
  • Glass-filled Nylon Polymer head & locking leaver
  • Stainless-steel gimbal and clamp
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty