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Heavy-Duty Dual Flashlight Strap


The Heavy-Duty Dual Flashlight Strap is a universal design that will fit virtually any Fire Helmet or Hard Hat.  The dual holes located on each side of the strap allow the user to position any flashlight or object up to 1.25” in diameter in either hole or even both holes at the same time.  Constructed from thick-walled black silicone rubber, the chemical resistant and waterproof NS-HSR1 is designed to stay in place even in wet conditions. The NS-HSR1 meets the requirements of NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013).



  • Universal design fits virtually any helmet or hardhat
  • High temperature rated at over 500°F
  • Constructed from thick-walled black silicone rubber
  • Dual holes on each side allow for right, left or both side placement of light
  • Will hold any flashlight or object up to 1.25” in diameter
  • Stays in place even in wet conditions
  • Chemical resistant
  • IP-X7 Waterproof
  • Meets requirements of NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013)
  • Fits helmets with circumference: 24in - 34in
  • Material temperature rating: -67°F – 572°F