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Multi-Purpose LED Light - 1 AAA


This battery-powered all LED Work Light has a very unique design. Flashlights are designed for illuminating distant objects. Rated at 4 lumens, the flashlight beam on this work light does a very nice job of just that. However a flashlight, because of its bright center spot, is too bright to use close up. This is where the similarity to a conventional flashlight ends.

In addition to the flashlight beam, this work light incorporates a non-focused 4 lumens floodlight into the handle. Because the floodlight does not have a reflector, the light is. . . Show More >


  • LED technology
  • Has both a flashlight and a floodlight
  • Single button design flashlight-floodlight-off
  • Oval shape, thin design and soft-touch finish
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty