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Polymer Full-Size Dual-Light - Rechargeable


The Rechargeable LED Full-size Duty Dual-Light is all about lots of light and lots of different lighting modes. Utilizing Bayco's exclusive Dual-Light design, the Full-size Duty Light combines a long-throw flashlight, with a wide-beam non-focused floodlight. Powerful flashlights are designed for illuminating distant objects, and this light is a great example of that. With a flashlight beam rated at 300 lumens, this light puts a lot of light downrange. However, a flashlight that powerful and focused, is too bright to use close up.

That's the idea behind the Dual-Light design. In addition. . . Show More >


  • LED technology 50,000+ hours
  • Flashlight Floodlight Dual-Light - Multiple Strobe Selections
  • Momentary or constant-on flashlight
  • Sharp focused flashlight beam for distance illumination
  • Unfocused wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination
  • Dual-light (flashlight & floodlight at the same time) for maximum versatility
  • Three strobe functions
  • Engineered polymer housing
  • Anti-roll Tri-Lobal head design
  • Non-slip grip
  • Dual body switches
  • Water, impact & chemical resistant
  • Serialized for personal identification
  • Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery (included)